There is a huge difference between “the will to live” and “the will to live comfortably”. People experience the will to live in comfort in their everyday life, whether it be; squishing a large spider in your house, slugging out in the freezing cold to go grocery shopping, or the very act of going to work and bringing home an income. It drives people to do things that they would rather not have to do to live somewhat the way they want. However, the force that drove Piscine (Pi) in Life of Pi was unimaginably stronger, and the acts that it forced him to do were everything from ordinary as he attempts to survive. Pi knew nothing about comfort after the day his boat sunk leaving him a castaway.  His sole purpose was to stay alive. Being left in his new environment, life proposed everyday trials for Pi to attempt to conquer. In Yann Martel’s Life of Pi, the will to live drives Pi to overcome physical, emotional, and lifestyle challenges throughout his 227 day journey of survival in the Pacific Ocean.


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