Piscine Molitor Patel lost his childhood innocence the day the Tsimtsum sank leaving him with nothing. He had lost his family, left stranded in the middle of the ocean with the company of a 450-pound Bengal Tiger, and was stuck fending for his life with limited resources. His survival experience forever changed the once innocent boy. Young Pi could have given up many times in his journey but his will to live kept him motivated to endure, but it came with a cost. His instinct to survive challenged him to overcome lifestyle, physical and emotional tasks which were taxing on his body and mind. Pi Patel, either with his story been with animals or not, proves that the desire to live will forever drive people to do the unthinkable. The desire to survive is a never-ending force just like the irrational number Pi is; 3.14…


One thought on “Conclusion

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